An invitation …  A nocturnal journey of surprise

Something wonderfully surreal is happening
in a vintage warehouse
in Downtown LA

Evocative and Unsettling…Joyous and Exhilarating

4 weekends only - Oct./Nov. - DTLA

John Sinner’s “An Invasion of Decency!”
A fancyplayground  POP-UP event

Commences on Oct. 22nd
(Preview Oct. 21)

Our POP-UP DTLA location:  

a newly renovated 1920's warehouse
(Google Map:
"W. 12th Street & Midway Lane
Los Angeles 90015")

- our fancyplayground white-costumed greeters will be outside the warehouse front door to greet you for Will Call tickets

on W. 12th Street (at Midway Lane) between
S. Olive & Hill Streets - street & parking lot parking throughout the general vicinity (approx. 6 blocks east of Staples Center)


Sinner, the feminist surreal writer/director & Winner of the Sherwood Award contest for "Innovative & Adventurous New Artists" - along with an extraordinary array of indie international & local experimental artist-collaborators in sight, sound, costume and installation- take over a vintage newly renovated warehouse in Downtown L.A. - 10 blocks from the Grand Avenue concert halls and museums- to present this new live experimental theatrical art event for 4 weekends only.

Indecent in its outrageously unsettling mix of surprise, wicked humor and intense emotion, the piece is remarkably simple, intimate, wild, evocative - and provocative.

Featuring a live ensemble cast (Ariel Barber, Christina Giagos, Betsy Moore, Julia Prud'homme* & Eddie Vona), special on-screen appearances from John Fleck, Alan Mandell, Val McCann, Tope Oni & Kristina Wong) filmed by the renown Romanian-American surreal video director (& original Reza Abdoh collaborator) Adam Soch, plus original montages by Belgium's Sammy Slabbinck and sets & production created by fancyplayground's collective of experimental artists.

Outlier in choice of space - and in doing this so independently, Sinner & fancyplayground designed this show to take audiences outside their routine expectations - but to do so not with bombast or high-budget/hi-tech - but evocatively (low budget being the necessity mother) - seeking an almost radio-like invitation to the live audience to engage their imaginations.  

This is especially seen by their designed use & inherent celebration of the renewed vibrancy of a 1920's architectural gem of a warehouse that might seem out of place (and delightfully it is) amidst the latest sky-scraping DTLA construction work that surrounds and dwarfs it. 

Experience Sinner & fancyplayground's fantasy-surreal take on the intersection of "family values" and the desires & treatment of the matriarch and "the other" in our society.

The contributions of fellow artist-surrealists Slabbinck, Fleck, Mandell (an original Beckett collaborator who has worked with Sinner more than any other artist), Soch & Wong among others give an indication that they too know something rare & wonderful will be unfolding for its first time during this limited run of shows -  an intense, exhilarating experiment for the audience & its risk taking creators.  

NOTE:  entrants/tickets will be very limited per show to keep the intimacy & almost "private" sense of this very special live arts nighttime adventure.

Experience "An Invasion of Decency!" - A nocturnal journey of surprise - into a surreal pavilion, and a playful world:

4 weekends only.    Preview: October 21   Opens Oct. 22